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Wariruri Beach Horseback Riding

Quick Details

Private Tour - Per Person Ages 4+ years
Regular Tour - Per Person Ages 4+ years

Travel to Wariruri Beach on Aruba’s Pristine North Coast

Join us on a tour enjoying breathtaking panoramas and a visit to the historic Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins.

This is a great opportunity to experience the local history and culture of the area. The ruins are a big draw for many people who visit Wariruri Beach and are always able to show those who visit many interesting aspects of a historically important industry in the region.

Enjoy wide-open vistas and Aruba’s natural environs on a trip to Bushiribana Gold Mill ruin and the Natural Bridge, the island’s most well-known tourist attraction.


  • Wear long pants or a beach towel and sneakers.
  • Use sunblock.
  • Bring your camera for pictures.
  • Due to the Paso Fino breed, the horses are only able to carry a maximum weight of 250 pounds