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Discover, experience, explore, and relax with Pelican Adventures!

Join us for the ultimate Aruba excursions! We’re a family business, providing jeep tours, sailing cruises and snorkeling tours along Aruba’s gorgeous beaches and shoreline, spectacular sunsets experiences, and more. We offer custom-made packages for groups, adding fun and excitement to your time in Aruba.

Why Pelican Adventures?

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Sharing the best of Aruba with you!

Established in 1986, Pelican Adventures is a tours and water sports company still owned by a local family today, focused on providing enjoyment of the island’s beauty. Our custom-built catamarans comfortably take you on a variety of exciting sailing cruises, and the friendly crew is fun as well as knowledgeable about the island and its marine life.

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Enjoying and becoming one with nature

Get to discover, explore, experience, and enjoy Aruba’s beautiful nature landmarks, blending in with nature and leaving all of your worries behind. Come face to face with marine life, sail along Aruba’s gorgeous beaches and shoreline, enjoy spectacular sunsets, and have fun while gliding over the crystal-clear blue Aruban waters. Get to explore the entire Caribbean island and take in the must-see highlights, beaches, caves, and more.

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A fantastic escape from day-to-day life

We add fun and excitement to your time in Aruba by organizing the ultimate getaway experience. Our Aruba jeep tours are led by very knowledgeable Aruban guides that take you to the most interesting landmarks, providing a great overview of Aruba’s history, flora, and fauna. Bring your camera on the tours for priceless picture opportunities to capture unforgettable moments.

Top-Rated Service to Guarantee Your Enjoyment

Pelican Adventures
Highly recommend

The staff on board were so kind, helpful and fun to be with! I was thankful there was plenty of seating and a shady area in the center of the boat. The staff helped me with my snorkel gear and pointed out a sea turtle when we were in the water. My husband and I really enjoyed this excursion and would do it again!

– SusieB | TripAdvisor
Pelican Adventures
Great experience!

This was one of the best choices we made for our trip! The views were incredible. It was our first time in Aruba and I'm so glad we chose the sunset cruise. The dinner following the cruise was delicious and right on the water, it was amazing.

– Alexia L | TripAdvisor
Pelican Adventures
Sunset cruise is a must

The sunset cruise & seaside dinner is a must, such a fun time on the cruise, the crew, especially Chocolate Thunder are so much fun. Lots of yummy drinks and snacks. The seaside dinner followed on the pier and was outstanding, Gary’s Delight and grilled grouper is so delicious.

– JEM2857 | TripAdvisor
Pelican Adventures
Great experience / awesome staff.

Great way to spend a day in Aruba. Extremely friendly/fun staff, typical open bar w. cheap champagne / liquor. No beer provided a bummer. Food was mediocre, but not the reason we booked this excursion anyway. Fritz & crew made the experience incredible.

– Zachary W | TripAdvisor
Pelican Adventures
Great kickstarter

This is one of the best if not the best tour, you have 4 hours and half minutes starting the day of pure fun, crew is great, good music, great spots and for each stop you have 45 minutes, and open bar. Now food and drinks are ok but the main feature of the tour are not that. So maybe a bit pricey but def worth it.

– Joel H | TripAdvisor